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"I did an album called You Nasty with naked women on the cover, and almost every song on it was nasty," he wrote of his 2000 LP. The president of the label asked me to make the nastiest album I could, so I did it, not realizing how important the positive songs are to my career." Short later noted his own influence on rap in regards to vulgar words, but he called for better clarity in deciding the context of entertainment. Will it become illegal to show murders and rapes on TV, or will the ban be on rappers only? A judge ruled Monday (June 4) that attorneys cannot use Lana Clarkson's diary-like writings in the Phil Spector murder trial, AP reports."If it becomes illegal to make those kinds of songs, is it going to be illegal for comedians to say [explicit content] in their jokes? The writings were found on the late actress' computer and included "The Story of My Life," a composition in which she discussed having drug problems and talked about having visions of a dead actress who committed suicide.The Game has been charged for allegedly making a criminal threat and possession of a firearm in a school zone during a pickup basketball game in February, The Associated Press reports.

"Someone that was instrumental in my career harassed me," she said.

"I wasn't going to entertain it, but also didn't know how to say, 'F--- you, leave me alone.' I just internalized it." Those days are over, and in recent years, Mya's made a point of standing up for herself. Andre 3000, Pink, Fall Out Boy's Andy Hurley, Carrie Underwood, GZA, RZA, AFI's Davey Havok, Joss Stone and Prince join last year's winners Natalie Portman and Benji Madden and dozens of other musicians, actors and athletes up for the "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" title on Peta2 The "High School Musical" soundtrack was a chart-topping success without a physical single, but Disney is switching it up for the sequel.

The label's roster includes Gorillaz, Coldplay and Lily Allen. Bands playing in Nevada must call themselves "tribute" acts if they don't have at least one founding member, thanks to a new law.

If bands don't do so, it will be considered deceptive trading practice. NBC Universal networks will air "Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis" in various incarnations on July 7.

The keyboard-less touch-screen phone/music player will be available at Apple and AT&T stores. An upcoming episode featuring Bon Jovi — who some say inspired the program with their acoustic set at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards — will be presented in three variations on different channels, with each tailored for a specific audience: June 22 (MTV); June 23 (VH1, VH1 Classic, Music High-Definition); and June 24 (CMT). "I'm too big for this sh--," a winded T-Pain said after dancing around with Joc. The Def Jam singer and Philadelphia collective performed a string of songs at a Tanqueray- and Giant-magazine-sponsored event. Godsmack plan to release a box set later this year, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the release of the band's debut album, 1997's All Wound Up. The offering revolves around a live performance shot while the band was touring in support of 2005's Move Along, and will feature behind-the-scenes footage. Iggy Pop supplies the voice of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in an upcoming Comedy Central cartoon.

Dates for the other programs have not been announced yet. The set will compile the group's four studio albums, the acoustic EP The Other Side, and a DVD featuring short documentaries about the making of each album. Between the Buried and Me, the Red Chord, Cephalic Carnage and the End will hit the road this summer for a 15-date North American tour. The rocker will portray Lil' Rummy, a child who is the bully figure in the channel's "Lil' Bush" series, which debuts June 13.Thompson had recently returned to Waco from Dallas and was working on new music. That was a violation of my privacy and totally illegal," she added. Paris Hilton isn't heading behind bars until Tuesday, but she's already starting to disappear from public view.Hi-Five debuted in 1990 with a self-titled debut album that went multiplatinum thanks to the hits "I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)" and "Can't Wait Another Minute." ... In the call, the "American Idol" judge also discussed having Addison's disease, a disorder that causes muscle weakness. A South Korea sportswear company has temporarily suspended TV and print ads featuring the heiress, Agence-France Presse reports. In other Hilton news, the heiress will not be allowed to give TV interviews while in jail, Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca said Friday (June 1), The Associated Press reports. "Yes, definitely," Katie Holmes responded in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight," when asked if she is ready to have more children with Tom Cruise.The run kicks off July 27 in Pittsburgh, and dates are booked through August 11 in Wilmington, North Carolina. Two days after i Tunes started selling thousands of EMI artists' songs without copyright protection comes word that EMI, Google and You Tube have signed a licensing deal that will give You Tube users access to the record label's audio and video catalog, according to Billboard. hosted an album-listening session in New York at Manhattan nightspot Manor on Thursday night, previewing songs from his forthcoming T. The show portrays the Oval Office's main players as tykes ready to rule the world.The label's roster includes Gorillaz, Coldplay and Lily Allen. Bands playing in Nevada must call themselves "tribute" acts if they don't have at least one founding member, thanks to a new law. B.'s in New York Thursday night, running through a number of hits, including "Sprung," R. Dave Grohl, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Black and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy will lend their voices to guest roles. Ja Rule will join Salt-N-Pepa, "The Wire" actors Idris Elba and Hassan Johnson, radio host Ed Lover and others Saturday afternoon in Queens, New York, for the "Repping for Life" town-hall meeting to discuss gang intervention and prevention campaigns."I don't consider anything in this particular document to be significant," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler concluded. Charles Patton, who is a business associate of Lupe Fiasco and co-owns their 1st & 15th record label, was sentenced to 44 years in prison last month, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

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